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2/12: I have added a cute little Sears house to the interwar period page. I hope you will enjoy it. If you have more interesting interwar ideas, then send them to me.

30/11: I have added a new themed section: Inter war period clothing and a few other things. Find it under themes and pick Inter War.

23/10: I am here again with new stuff for you - thank you for inspiration Sarah. I have made a blackboard paint for your walls & three sets of wall scribbles to go with it.

21/10: I have uploaded some new nice recolour designer chairs.
I also have some new nice yellow brick walls for you.

15/8: I have finally got around to updating the site again and I am happy to tell you that all links should now work - if do spot a link that does not, please email me or writ ein my guestbook. Do note thought hat some links are found under the picture. A lot of more pages are now actuarially accessible.

I have updated the site with IKEA uniforms and a very nice recolour set done by pikkonoloidlee from Livingetc forum - welcome back I hope you enjoy it.

27/6: I have updated with some nice kids paintings and prints for your nurseries. I hope you will enjoy them.
Kids prints and paintings

23/5: I am sorry it has been so long, I have just not felt like updating, not that I have stopped making things for the sims, don't worry ;). I have been extremely busy with Livingetc - my sims interior design magazine. I have fixed a number of broken links - if there are still some broken, please report it, either by email or in the guestbook.

Today's update mostly include new recolours of the robs from Kitchen and Bath. Two new sports set for the little boys has been added. There are also two nice bikinis for your grown up woman.
There are updates at the following pages:
Male underwear
Girl underwear
Boy sportswear
Senior lady underwear
Senior gentleman underwear
Women's sportswear
Magazine recolours
Furniture recolours

2/4: As you might have noticed I have a brand new design here on the site. I hope it will make the site easier to navigate and easier to maintain.
There are not only a new design on the site, but also a few new pieces in: Girls' Casual, Women's casual and in theme: dark ages.
I hope you enjoy the changes.

Please let me know if you find any broken links or other strangeness 2008