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My sims sites
Next Top sims Photographer - a contest I hosted
Livingetc - a sims interior design magazine
Sims Forums
Sims Contest - My all-time favorite forum! They have great contests and are really friendly and helpful.
Sims2 Community - After the official site, this might be the biggest sims forum on the web
Owaiz Forum - Small and friendly forum owned by my friend Owaiz
Sims Costume Content sites
Mod the Sims2 - The greatest sims costume content forum on the internet. Join and get access to thousands of free downloads. The have right about everything
Around the Sims - A great site for everyday objects. They have lots of clutter as well. SimGerdoehns - Modern, clean, Scandinavian looking objects - enjoy
Mango sims - The best object sit on the web if you ask me. I got everything from there - I mean it everything
Pimp my Sim - They have some fantastic modern objects and some really good skintones - High quality skins made by my good friend Frosted Flake.
§imdrÖme Afƒl¡c†ed - nice good quality clothing. Fun and easy to wear
Snootysims - The best news about the sims2 - they are reliable and they always have all the latest pictures
Constructive Criticism - How to give and take criticism
Behind the name - Do you need a name for your new sim? Then this is good place to go
The meshes on this site is from.
Modthesims2 - various artists
Meshes by Serasims
can be found on at sims2graveyard
2-for-U - They have a big selection of meshes
All About Style - they have really good costume outfits especially for the elders.
Sims Ru Bicon - I can only say wow
Pigeon Sims
Other site with Elder clothing
I have tried to make a catalogue of other websites where you can find good elder clothes. If you know a site who has good outfits for the senior sims, then please send me a mail or leave a comment in my guestbook and I will add them to the list. Single skins is also accept in the catalog. Only free sites well enter the catalogue.

All about Style - A big selection of outfits in many categories and for different periods.
Funtain of Youth - Good plain outfits, but it looks like they don't update
Kissers Sims2 - found under Elder woman and elder male
Briher - Modern outfits for the elders, both male and female.
Vita Sims2 - found under Clothes>elder>female. Plain and well made outfits.
Pimp my sims - Nice modern and well made outfits.
Sims GoGoGo - menswear, they have a few senior skins along with their normal range.
All4sims - they have a nice range of clothes for the mature woman.
RockChic - They have cool outfits for the ladies and gentlemen 

Single skins
Sweaters in 10 colors with blue jeans for females by BastDawn
Sweater Sets for Females and Summer Sweaters and Slacks for Elders by kalynn06
Underwear - female and underwear - male by senesi2003
H&M outfits by Grito who has a lot more elder wear
Wedding dresses by Spiffyriffic
PJs with Hallo Kitty by butterflykiss
Casual everyday wear for females by Milsa
Spring Fashion 1 and 2 by Nihilia
Modern men wear by frizelbliz
Casual female wear by penkokai who also have made more
Realitic female wear by bettye who as more nice things

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